About me

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Hello, My name is Snejana Boyanova and I have been doing yoga since 2011. In the first months of 2015 I attended a yoga teacher training course in Panmana Ashram, Kerala, India and I have an internationally recognized certificate issued by the above institution.

I won a bronze medal at the 19th Bulgarian Yoga Championship in 2014. In 2017 I won a silver medal in my age group and a silver medal in the absolute competition at the 22nd Bulgarian Yoga Championship.

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It is my aim to create an atmosphere in my IMG_20170521_080726studio that would be appropriate for yogis of all levels in which you can master an awareness of your body and enjoy the experience of yoga at the most personal level. You will be gently guided from one posture to another with awareness and control of the breath, which will keep your mind focused and disciplined, and will create a feeling of relaxation in which you shake off the worries and anxieties of your daily life. At the end of the practice it will be like a fresh start. Every new week will give you a deeper understanding of the philosophy of yoga, and you will discover your confidence, flexibility, strength and balance, not only in the physical body but in your overall attitude towards the external world.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”