A Yoga class includes the following:

Initial relaxation. It clears the mind of thoughts and worries, helps you put aside the stress and tension of everyday life and relaxes the body in preparation of the physical postures (asanas).

A series of asanas, which stretch and strengthen the muscles and tendons, lubricate the joints, increase spine flexibility, gently massage the internal organs and help detoxify the body and boost the immune system. The asanas have an overall revitalizing effect on the body, relieving mental and emotional stress and calming down the mind. All asanas are well explained and demonstrated.

Breathing techniques, which energize the mind, cleanse the lungs and purify the blood, at the same time calming the mind and balancing the nervous system.

Final relaxation with visualizations It allows the body to relax physically at the end of the practice. The use of visualizations is one of the most powerful methods of reprogramming our reality through the creation of thought patterns which are embedded deep into our subconscious.

* * *

„YOGA LIFE” Studio has a warm and sunny practice room and changing room. We provide all that is necessary for a yoga practice – comfortable non-slip yoga mats, soft blankets and a pleasant atmosphere with music and candles. You don’t need to have any special outfit, just comfortable sports clothes.

“Health is not defined as the absence of disease. It is a dynamic expression of the capacity to enjoy life and to love.”

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar